2am Magazine

The Brief
- To produce a peer-to-peer publication for NTU centred around Mental Health & Wellbeing.

- To help reduce stigma, to develop self-care strategies (resilience) and provide essential nudging techniques to achieve a happier and healthier student(s)


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2am magazine was part of my Live University brief with Intern x Raw Print and NTU student services to produce a brand-new publishing platform. 

Created with the wellbeing of students at our core, 2am is a motivational yet empathetic Instagram publication that shares the stories and art of individuals who struggle with loneliness and lack of sleep. We aim to create a community of night owls that are in need of somewhere to turn when the clock hits 2. Our purpose is to accompany those who struggle with loneliness and remind them they are not alone in feeling this way, presenting them with the advice of other students in their position. Google Trends record a daily surge at around 2am in searches for terms such as loneliness, depression and suicide and mental health helplines. This finding struck a real chord with us; the fact that so many of us are feeling lonely at the same time, and the other person could be in the next house to you, was something we felt we could harness.


Skills Gained

- Creative Direction

- Art Direction 

- Public Relations

- Editorial

- Layout

2am was selected as the winning platform/publication by the clients and will be sent to print and distribution in early 2021. We are looking to expand to more Universities other than Nottingham Trent and strive to continue providing a community for the lonely.

'As a concept moving forward, there's so much scope with what you can do with it'

- Matt Gill, Raw Print


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The Big Idea

To create a platform that encourages community and creativity aimed at combatting student loneliness - live in the midnight hours - to greet tired eyes. 


Feeling lonely at night can seem inescapable and slow. The quiet of your bedroom echoes and it becomes easy to spiral. 2am is awake, forming a community of creatives, uncreatives, writers and wafflers that are struggling and soothing their minds with creativity. A wider community will grow as the reluctant become inspired. We want readers to be able to drift into our content, as we hope they find the distraction that gets their attention.



- Instagram

- 2am Magazine - to see the full 2am Magazine click the link on the cover photo of the mag.

- Launch Event 

- Spotify Playlist 

- Posters

- Bookmarks

- Merchandise

Creating a community of lonely students at 2am sparked conversation about the practicality of a print magazine. It became apparent to us that at the time people felt at their lowest, a print magazine would be less accessible, which prompted us to move our content online. Instagram as a platform is a place a lot of students fall back on when they can't sleep. We decided this would be the most practical and effective way of ensuring students could read and enjoy our content in the early hours. After putting this question out to students, it was confirmed that this was the best decision.


We post profiles of people who are up at 2am to show everyone they are not alone in their insomnia. A brief bio about them is followed by untouched bedroom pictures to add a level of personality. Their top songs for their highs at 2am and their lows (which are then featured on our Spotify playlist for ease of access) and finally a list of things to watch that either help people get to sleep or cheer them up. The main feature from each profile however, is the high and the low story from each contributor. The idea is to show the reader that you can’t have a high without a low and vice versa and everyone feels this way. Experiencing lows does not isolate you from experiencing highs. We also unintentionally found that students were concluding their low stories with how they’d fixed their problems and is a helpful thing for others to read and learn from. We want to be as relatable as possible, down to the smallest detail that someone may share the same bedding or favourite song.

Creativity is a vital part of 2am. We actively encourage anyone getting involved with a contribution for the magazine and an opportunity to be featured on the 2am Instagram, providing a platform for young creatives. Posting the artists featured in the print magazine also generates a buzz for what’s to come in the mag. The mag features a range of contributions, all of which are designed to be pulled out of the mag and stuck on the reader's wall to remind them of the 2am community they are part of.



for the highs

for the lows