The concept of identity has always interested me profoundly. It has been important for me to explore the concept both personally and in a wider social context. Delving into the minds of people or groups to understand why they do what they do is something I think is essential to our livelihoods. People’s qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and expressions make up their identity and are essential to interpreting the definition of who they are. Our beliefs drive our values and our values drive our actions.


These multiple identity influences shape the person we become and we use these stimuli to express ourselves. So much of our lives is governed by what we see online and this filters into our psyche; this is not necessarily a bad thing, but coming offline and stripping ourselves back to the basic core values and expressions of what is in our immediate surroundings can lead to a more fulfilled, authentic life. Often, we need a push or reminder that looking up from our screens can enter us into a different world; the one that’s right in front of us. Looking at the rich, expansive history of identity factors can help guide us into the future of who and what we are. Generation Z seem to have less of a grip on their identity than previous generations. I felt it time to remind them identity exists beyond online and what they can do with theirs is important and matters. I looked into social media’s effects on identity, identity and body modification, subcultural identity, and fashion and postmodern identity and found identity is more fluid in the modern age.

Skills Gained

- Creative Direction

- Art Direction 

- Public Relations

- Layout 


The Big Idea

 To create a platform that aims to encourage Generation Me and We to be more daring with their identity by exposing them to a guide of past and present style and identity within community


The idea is to regain the meanings and stories behind what we wear so we can honour their future. Showing consumers’ style items once worn with passion by subcultures, it opens a new interpretation and level to what they wear and how they wear it. It’s about creating space for a quiet revolution of individuals to reclaim and own their identity in the digital age. Consumers will be encouraged to leave their comfort zone and find confidence within so what’s on the outside can reflect the inside. We will feature lots of identified avenues for exploration, such as music, films, galleries, events that consumers can explore to find their niche. 



- Fool's Gold Zine - to see the full Fool’s Gold Zine click the link on the cover photo of the Zine.

- Launch Event 

- Instagram

- Spotify Playlist 

- Flyers

- Merchandise


fool's gold zine

The Branding

The overall branding for Fool’s Gold reflects the brash, light-hearted essence of the brand. Contrasting bright colours symbolise the idea of having daring courage to play with identity and the fact they work comfortably together represents the idea there is a safe space for each and every experimentation. The colour palette applied throughout the Zine expresses the boldness of those who dared to align themselves with subcultural identity and their ability to be applied amongst more mundane colours represents their ability to push back against and not follow the norms of society. The combination of novelty typefaces (that was developed with inspiration from Stüssy and Shoom club branding and Sex Pistols ephemera) and Futura delivers a more sophisticated look with a simple sense of satirical mix and match that can be applied to every aspect of my new brand identity’s needs; not everything sits under one umbrella.


Fool’s Gold Zine is the primary platform for the brand. The purpose of the zine is to move the consumer off their screens and onto something physical where their mind can really engage and flourish without distraction. The zine contains expansive information and ideas for new things with which the consumers can try to broaden their horizons through specific creative and informative events initially around Nottingham (beyond launch it would be rolled out across other appropriate cities.)


To see the full Visual Report please email and I will send you the pdf.