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The Brief

Create, publish and exhibit a printed brandzine to connect with and grow TSPTR’s younger female audience

TSPTR draw their inspiration from the American counter culture movement in which music played a big part. We conducted an interview with females aged between 19-53 for our primary research and combined with our secondary research found the following insights; the younger generation tend to listen to more music genres (incl. a lot of rap) and they think the music industry can be damaging to women – music potentially hinders female development/empowerment; rap is one of the biggest genres in the music industry – shifted from rock which is what the elder generation preferred.

Our concept was rappers facing the truth of their misogynistic lyrics accompanied by their mothers. This is a humorous way of tackling an issue within the modern music industry, confronting the objectification of women in music. The zine was in a concertina format inspired by the truth and symmetry of TSPTR’s values. The back side of the zine was rappers in concert with lyrics of adoration for their Mums to show the juxtaposition of their public personas.

"This is genius"

                - Russ Gater (Co-founder of TSPTR)

Skills Gained

- Editor

- Magazine journalism

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Final zine PDF (dragged).jpg