The Brief

Visualise the gender-neutral fashion trend through a photostory for ASOS magazine.

After looking into ASOS and their relationship with the gender-neutrality ‘trend’ we found that they had an already established approach. The insights gained were that ASOS is all talk no action; there is a rise in subtle male beautification that is seen as taboo or unaddressed; gender neutrality is viewed as a trend but is progressing in to a norm; and to some people an item of clothing is just that, to others their clothes are their identity therefore they care a lot about what they wear and how they are perceived.


From this, we created the idea of the ‘Reality of Neutrality – male beautification without stigma.’ Taking inspiration from Korean beauty where it is common for males to wear subtle makeup, we wanted to enhance our male models’ features with highlights, gloss and blush to give them a light fresh glow. The shoot took place in arboretum park where the autumnal colours were bold; the styling featured formalised casual, street style and casual autumnal looks. Consistent with ASOS’ face and body no editing approach, we didn’t retouch or edit our photos.

Skills Gained

- Art Direction

- Styling 

- Photography

ASOS Proj (dragged) 1.jpg
ASOS Proj (dragged) 3.jpg
ASOS Proj (dragged) 2.jpg
ASOS Proj (dragged).jpg